• Landscape and portrait photographer Tait Simpson creates work that juxtaposes the artificial whimsy of human inventions with natural environments. His photographs include a variety of subjects involving urban decay and ruination, which serve as reminders of the nuanced environmental effects of human actions. Notably popular have been Simpson’s photographs of colored balls floating in stormy skies, hundreds of empty water cooler jugs in a desert, and colored confetti adorning derelict urban landscapes. The freezing of time plays a key role in these projects, a theme of Simpson’s work that conveys the influence of the artist’s childhood spent in Los Angeles surrounded by the film industry.
  • - Watermill Center

Among those who have commissioned work are MasterCard, Toto, Reebok, McCann Erickson, Departures Magazine, Drifter Clothing and DBLA. His work has also appeared in American Photography 26, Interior Design, Dcasa (Italy), Architectural Record, Fraction Magazine, Icon, WWD, Metropolis, Rangefinder, Metro.Pop, 944 and Frank151.